Check Your United Flight Status

Staying up to date with your travel schedule changes should be a top priority if you want to avoid frustrating experiences. Know how to check United flight status and other related information so that you can easily travel through airports. You can get the necessary updates through a variety of channels if any changes affect your United flights. The primary source of the information comes from United Airlines’ website or if you enroll for a MileagePlus account online. That can be done before or during the process of booking your flight. Reliable third party sources of flight tracking data are also available and organize it in different ways to extract even more detailed information.

When changes in weather affect scheduled flights at the airport you are supposed to travel through, chances are that your flight will be delayed or even cancelled. That is just of the many factors that could affect flight schedules. When such changes occur, it helps to get flight status updates so that you can plan accordingly. You are likely to be even more affected if you have an interline itinerary because a delay with the first flight segment could mean late arrival time at the next airport where you are supposed to get a connection flight. It is therefore absolutely necessary to stay up to date by receiving timely updates on flight status. You should be able to start receiving these updates long before you even check in for the flight. Customers are often stranded at airports when changes with their flights are not well communicated. United Airlines is one of the most popular carriers and they make every effort to avail flight status information both on their website and third party sites. It is to the best of your interest as a traveler to know how you can check United flight status as it can potentially save you from frustrations.

If you would like to receive United flight status and related information, make sure you take the following steps:

  • Visit to create your MileagePlus account
  • Register for flight reminders using the email subscriptions option under “Manage Profile” area of your MileagePlus account
  • Sign in to your account every time you book flights and make sure your email is in the passenger record or itinerary
  • You may also install the United app to get flight status and do even more while on the go