Receive Timely United Airlines Flight Status Alerts

From the time you book your United flight, you should be able to start receiving timely updates by email or mobile phone. That is if you create a MileagePlus account at or before or during the flight booking process. Using the United flight status tools available online makes it easy for you to keep up to date so that your flight schedule doesn’t result to unnecessary inconveniences. Flight tracking services are increasingly becoming essential these days considering the numerous factors that from time to time cause flight schedule changes. You don’t want to have flight experiences that can potentially ruin your whole trip, so it is important to take advantage of the timely United flight status alerts through email or text message.

All MileagePlus members enjoy the flight status notification subscription service. It helps just to know if your United flight will be on time, cancelled or delayed, rather than to be caught unawares when such changes occur without your knowledge. You normally receive an alert if your flight delays for more than 20 minutes or any other change affects the United flight status. Every flight reservation must therefore be associated with an email address through which you can receive updates. You can always add an email address to your reservation for that purpose. That is done at by accessing your reservation and entering flight “Confirmation Number” and “Last Name”. Under the price section, you then choose “Add E-mail Address and Request Receipt”

Changing your flight status notification subscription settings allows you to choose if you would like to receive alerts on gate information, departure time, delays or canceled flights. You can start receiving hourly alerts about 4 hours before the time of departure. These flight reminders can be signed for individually depending on your personal preferences, but of course it helps not to miss any particular piece of information on your flight status. A gate change for instance may require changing your parking location or if using ground transportation choosing where you should be dropped off. Such changes can be tricky if happening at the last few hours before departure.

The email subscriptions in your account also allow for updates to be received even by other people you are not traveling with. This can be very helpful if you want a loved one of friend to receive you at your destination airport on time. Flight reminders can serve a lot of travel needs depending on your circumstances, so it always important to choose every piece of information you may need if available.

United Airlines Flight Status Updates

Flight reminders can make a big difference no matter what circumstances you find yourself in as a traveler. Most of the time people get frustrated with travel schedules if they can’t access timely flight status updates and information. You can easily create an account with United Airlines on their website at The MileagePlus account allows you to create an online profile where you can update email subscriptions including United flight status updates that you can always receive via email or to any text enabled mobile phone.

Examples of flight status updates

Depending on your travel schedule and any unexpected changes that may affect your United flights, you may get updates related to any of the following:

  • Flight delays
  • Flight cancellations
  • Change in departure/arrival times
  • Gate change
  • Airport and route changes
  • Re-accommodations

The updates in most cases come in handy if you need to contact customer service for more information or any requests to make adjustments on your flights. Lack of these updates can only result in frustrations especially if you end up stranded at an airport and your trip doesn’t work as planned. It is therefore absolutely important to register with your email, phone or even install the United app to get these updates in the most convenient way possible. Whether you have to get these updates from or any reliable third party site out there, just do it for the sake of avoiding unnecessary bad travel experiences.

When you subscribe to United flight updates through any preferred channel available, you get far more information than just flight status updates. Conveniently booking for your flights online, check-in, managing flight reservations, printing out boarding passes and more options are also available. You get all these even while on the go through your mobile devices. That definitely makes you a smart traveler and you are able to quickly adjust your travel plans to avoid frustrated experiences.

Managing time around travel schedules is always tricky for many people. You always have to be at the airport at least an hour before departure and at the loading gate not less than 15 minutes lest you miss your flight. You can make the best efforts to keep time, but without timely flight updates incase changes occur you will risk getting experiences that will disappoint you. Reliable flight status information bridges the gaps and that’s why United Airlines commits to providing it to their customers through their website, United app, text messages and even 3rd parties that aggregate flight data worldwide.